AFL Jerseys Come in a Variety of Fabrics

AFL Jerseys - AFL Tournament preparing to get ready

AFL jerseys come in a variety of styles and fabrics. We’ve gathered some information on the fabric and number of NOB’s on each. In addition, we’ve looked at the origin of the various NOB’s on AFL jerseys. Take a look at our article below to learn more.

Styles of AFL jerseys

The Australian Football League (AFL) is the preeminent men’s football league in Australia. Many of the top Australian football teams wear AFL jerseys, and the sport’s uniforms are extremely popular.

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Fabric of AFL jerseys

The fabric of an Australian Football League jersey is one of the most important factors to consider. It can make a huge difference in the durability and comfort of the jersey.

Players exert considerable physical exertion while playing football, so it is important that players are comfortable. The polyester fabric used in AFL jerseys ensures full flexibility and comfort for players throughout the game.

Most AFL clubs use two main jersey materials: the home guernsey and the clash guernsey. The home guernsey is made of predominantly black material while the away jersey is made of a mixture of white and black stripes.

In the past, there were also heritage guernseys that were different from the home jerseys.

Moisture-wicking polyester is also used. This type of fabric is woven as a solid fabric without visible holes and is ideal for warm climates. It allows sweat to quickly evaporate and does not create a sticky feeling.

This fabric also is often used in practice football jerseys and as an accent fabric for hockey jerseys.

The polyester fabric is not as breathable as cotton, but it is more pliable than cotton. It can be stretched up to 600% before breaking, making it useful for jersey arms and necks.

It can also be returned to its original shape. AFL jerseys may also contain polyurethane, which is a synthetic material used in soccer balls.

Number of NOB’s on AFL jerseys

Some AFL teams have adopted a tradition of wearing a number of NOBs on their jerseys. The San Diego Chargers, for instance, add their first names to the back of their jerseys.

The Cleveland Browns also use a similar practice. The concept of wearing nicknames on AFL jerseys came to be in part from the PR department at the Atlanta Braves.

The team’s players don the nicknames as a promotional stunt. In Atlanta, a player known as “Channel” wears a short NOB under his uniform number.

During the 1960 season, three teams opted for a nameless uniform. The Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, and New York Titans did not have NOBs on their jerseys. However, during the first six weeks of the season, the Buffalo Bills wore nameless jerseys.

Then, on October 23, the team debuted their first-ever NOB blue jerseys against the Oakland Raiders. Then, on November 13th, they switched to white away jerseys.

Although many people assume that nameplates were the AFL’s policy from the start, research has shown that this is not the case. According to the Gridiron Uniform Database, several teams did not begin the season with NOBs.

For example, the New York Titans, who were one of the first teams in the league, likely did not have nameplates on their jerseys.

The concept of player surnames on AFL jerseys has been widely supported by fans. However, there are practical considerations that must be taken into consideration before the idea is adopted.

The AFL commissioner has not ruled out the idea of introducing player surnames on jumpers, but he has said there must be a compelling reason for fans to support this change.

In addition to their traditional home jerseys, many AFL clubs have introduced separate away jerseys.

These separate away jerseys are meant to help fans identify their team more easily. This has led to an increase in jersey sales. The football boots worn by players are typically low-cut turf shoes with studs.

Origin of NOB’s

The Origin of NOB’s on AFL Jerseys is a bit mysterious. Some teams use them in their first year of the league, while others don’t.

Some teams do it for promotional purposes. The NFL allows players to wear their first initials and even add a generational suffix to their NOB. The Cleveland Browns, for example, use this format.

Some teams began using NOBs in the 1960s. The Los Angeles Chargers and Denver Broncos initially wore nameless jerseys.

The Oakland Raiders, on the other hand, did not use NOBs. They did, however, use a combination of first and last names. In addition to the Raiders, the Bills and Texans adopted this practice during the 1960s.

One popular misconception is that the AFL adopted the nameplate concept from the beginning. However, research by the Gridiron Uniform Database shows that many teams did not start the 1960 season with NOBs.

The New York Titans, for example, likely didn’t have NOBs. Some of the other teams that were not wearing NOBs included the Philadelphia Eagles, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Detroit Lions.