Assos Jerseys

Assos Jerseys

Whether you’re a cyclist or a sports fan, you can get a jersey from Assos Jerseys. The manufacturer produces a variety of jerseys, including short sleeves, long sleeves, and synthetic. The material can range from merino wool to Chamois.

Long sleeve jerseys

Assos Jerseys – Whether you’re riding during the winter or in the middle of spring, a long sleeve Assos jersey is an essential piece of cycling clothing. With its low-volume design and innovative chain-function fabric, this high-tech cycling shirt will keep you warm and dry, even in the coldest conditions.

An essential function of a long sleeve Assos jacket is its ability to keep you warm. Assos’ latest line of tiburuJerseys includes a lightweight, fast-drying long-sleeve jersey that offers excellent protection and freedom of movement. It’s also got a breathable, 1-way stretch pattern for superior vertical stability and ventilation.

Similarly, the most compelling feature of an Assos women’s long-sleeve trail jersey is its ability to wick away sweat, keeping you dry and comfortable while slogging through the mud.

This garment features a unique dyne rope textile and a high-density woven armor that provides impressive abrasion resistance. The fabric is lightweight, dries quickly, and offers a good level of breathability.

The best part about this high-tech top is that it’s relatively affordable. It’s an excellent option for those who want to get in on the luxury cycle brand action without spending a lot of cash.

This is especially true of the long sleeve, which is more affordable than the racingFit line. In addition, the pocket design has been refined to provide better accessibility and non-slip functionality.

Aside from the long-sleeve Assos Women’s Short Sleeve Trail Jersey, you’ll also find other technical cycling apparel. In particular, the Swiss Federation Long Sleeve Jersey has a high collar for insulation and a full zipper for thermoregulation. It’s available in various colors and features three rear pockets and a fourth zippered pocket.

Lastly, the ASSOS tiburuJersey MILLE GT is a high-performance cycling jersey that uses the latest fabric technology to create a long sleeve sports shirt for men. It’s light, dries quickly, and features sweat-wicking Stripes. Its cleverly concealed flap pocket also offers internal stitching to improve its performance further.

The Assos x BIKE24 Long Sleeve Jersey is a must-have cycling equipment cut above the rest. Assos is known for its road-wear, but the company has also developed a range of performance cycling gear for off-road riders.

Merino wool jerseys

Using advanced materials and processes, Assos creates a variety of skin-tight cycling apparel, focusing on the future. Their Merino wool jerseys range is a Rapha clothing line staple.

Using the natural properties of merino wool, these jerseys are designed to maximize the benefits of a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric. They are comfortable and light and work well in all weather conditions.

The Isadore cycling jersey is made with a merino wool blend, and it’s built for performance. It’s also designed for the higher end of the market, with sleek designs and the highest quality fabrics.

The PEdAL ED Odyssey jersey is a long-distance top, and it’s brilliantly breathable in warm weather. It’s a high-quality product in various colors and is excellent value for money.

The Vulpine Alpine Merino Blend jersey is a very versatile piece of kit. It works as a lightweight shell at ten degC, but it’s also breathable and a good choice for cafe stops and long rides.

The Decathlon Triban Long-Sleeved Merino Wool Bike Touring Jersey is an excellent value-for-money item, and it looks and feels chic both on and off the bike. The fabric is perforated to allow airflow, and the material is fragile, so it doesn’t feel see-through. The fit is excellent, too, and the material is soft.

Assos is a brand with an excellent track record in the cycling industry. Their jerseys are designed for performance and offer low-fuss pocket security. They’re often referred to as the chamois company. The brand’s Chamois includes a multi-dimensional chamois topped with a smooth antimicrobial fabric.

The company’s first cycling jersey, Classic Jersey, was launched in 2004, based on the classics of the ’50s and ’60s, and it was designed with the ’50s in mind. It’s made from a merino wool blend and cut like a casual club ride.

The latest product from Assos’ R&D department, the Cima jersey, is a breathable and lightweight summer cycling jersey. Its design is aimed at hot days, and a small hole mesh panel in the front means air can flow through.

Synthetic jerseys

During the last four decades, Assos of Switzerland has been at the forefront of the cycling apparel technology revolution.

Their breakthroughs included the first ever carbon bicycle frame in 1976, the first Lycra(r) cycling short in 1976, and the first Elastic Interface cycling quick insert in 2001. These innovations have shaped the cycling industry and have become industry standards.

ASSOS’s latest breakthrough is the S7 generation of the Elastic Interface cycling short insert. This breakthrough includes an aerodynamic material with a four-way stretch that maximizes the aerodynamic properties of the fabric.

It is ideal for temperatures between 8 and 18 degrees Fahrenheit. Designed to keep the wearer warm, the material is also fast-drying.

The BIG DUAL Tex material is highly breathable and ultra-lightweight. The fabric also has a soft, smooth texture that’s perfect for a long day in the saddle.

This material also features an internal elastic hem for a secure fit. Its lining features a polypropylene finish that offers hydrophobic qualities.

Rapha’s Pro Team Aero jersey is perfect for riders who want to enhance their sun protection. The jersey features a relaxed fit, multiple materials, and reflective detailing for optimal low-light visibility.

The design features a silicone gripper at the hem to ensure the jersey stays in place while riding. It is also easy to wash.

The Endura Pro SL is another excellent value-for-money performance jersey with UPF50 protection and a comfortable race cut. The dyne rope material is densely woven to protect against trail hazards. The raw edge hem helps maintain airflow over the body, and the lycra-based fabric provides excellent wicking and a good fit.

ASSOS has a diverse selection of cycling jerseys. They feature their trademark super clean aesthetic. They are available in various colors and designs from the Shifter and Voganski ranges. The company also works with street artists to create unique designs.

Assos has had a long and distinguished history in the cycling industry and continues to produce high-quality products for competitive cyclists. Their products are distributed worldwide by over 1,000 independent top bike stores.


Founded in 1976, Assos is a Swiss cycling apparel manufacturer. The company is committed to producing high-quality and highly functional bike clothing.

Its products have won 250 gold medals at professional cycling races, and its garments have been worn by many Olympic and World Championship cyclists. In addition to its cycling apparel, Assos also offers cycling accessories.

ASSOS cycling trousers have a unique chamois construction that offers excellent muscle compression and support. The material is made with a high ratio of elastane.

It follows the movements of the body and provides a perfect fit. Its moisture-regulating fabric also offers excellent resistance to wear. Its high-quality material makes it one of the best cycling pants available.

ASSOS of Switzerland has been on the cutting edge of cycling apparel technology since Lycra came out. Its founder, Toni Maier Moussa, invented the first elastic Chamois.

In 1976, he started the company. His goal was to develop a more aerodynamic bicycle. He patented a carbon fiber frame and the first Lycra cycling shorts.

Assos has a diversified range of cycling apparel, with urban and mountain-specific collections. The company has also developed its layering system. This system allows the products to work together and complement each other.

The company aims to provide complete coverage for all weather conditions. ASSOS products are also gender-balanced. The company combines knowledge, science, and technology to create outstanding cycling apparel.

Assos is also known for its bib shorts. These high-comfort, high-performance cycling bib shorts are suitable for rides of more than 100 miles. They also feature a plush memory foam chamois that allows a man to feel comfortable and at ease on the bike.

Assos cycling jerseys are lightweight and offer moisture-wicking properties. Their fabric is also porous, which means it is breathable. The material is a blend of 5% elastane, 13% polyamide, and 82% polyester. The front of the jersey has a variable-layer construction that keeps the rider cool, while the back has a mesh back and front.

ASSOS chamois cream is used to relieve chafing, rehydrate the skin, and reduce friction caused by irritation. It also helps prevent saddle sores and is perfect for long-distance cycling.