How to Identify a Real Jersey

Real Jerseys

If you’re looking to buy a new real jersey for yourself, there are a few things to look for. These factors include the fabric, fit, logos, and embroidery. If you know what to look for, you should be able to identify a genuine jersey with relative ease. These tips will help you choose a jersey that will be comfortable and look great.


A jersey made from real cotton is a very easy-care fabric. The best way to take care of it is to wash it before you use it. It should be washed in cold water and tumble dried on medium, and it is usually not necessary to iron it. However, cotton jersey tends to shrink.

Originally, jersey fabric was made from wool, but it is now also made from cotton and synthetic fibers. The process used to make it varies depending on the fiber used. Wool, for instance, is an animal product, while cotton comes from plants. Synthetic fibers, on the other hand, are made by mixing several chemicals.

A jersey fabric can be either single or double knit. Single jerseys have a higher stretch, while double knits have less stretch. A double knitted jersey is a heavier material made from two single jerseys knit together. Single jerseys have flat sides, while double knits have piles in the center. Double knitted jerseys are used for polo shirts.

To make a jersey more elastic, you should first wet it with warm water. This will prevent it from shrinking and fading. Also, a jersey made from polyester will stay firmer and not lose its stretch over time. Once dry, the jersey can be hung outside to dry naturally in the wind.


Fit is an important aspect of cycling jerseys. A good jersey fits you well and provides adequate ventilation. The fit can also be altered to suit the needs of different people. Women may choose a slimmer cut while men may choose a looser fit. Moreover, some jerseys come with customized features.

A replica jersey may look like a form-fitting t-shirt, but in reality, it will not provide optimal comfort. This is because replica kits are designed to be looser than real ones.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the right fit, you should try wearing an authentic one. An authentic jersey is made from a stretchy, lightweight fabric that is designed to breathe well. This helps it to dry quickly as well.

A real jersey’s fit is important for both the player and the fan. Authentic jerseys are sized numerically, so you can order a size according to your height and weight. This method allows you to choose the most comfortable size. For example, you’ll find men’s sizes ranging from 40 to 60. Each size increases the shoulder width by one half inch.

When shopping for a jersey, you should try on several brands to get a feel for the fit. Then, pay special attention to the materials and care instructions.

Most importantly, make sure you wear it with pride and know that you’re playing for something bigger than yourself. A soccer jersey should not only make you look good but should also make you feel good.


When you want to create a piece of embroidery on a garment, you have to first prepare the design. Once you have selected thread colors, you need to convert the design to a computer file. Once the design is digitized, the garment is placed in a hooping system.

This holds the fabric taut under the sewing needle and moves the fabric automatically to stitch the design. High-speed embroidery machines will stitch the design and trim the threads automatically. Small areas may only take a few minutes to complete, while larger areas may take up to three or four hours.

Some teams use dimensional embroidery to add depth to their logos. The Toronto Maple Leafs’ logo uses raised embroidery to resemble broken ice. The Vancouver Canucks use raised embroidery on their logo, and their logo also uses dimensional embroidery. The Washington Capitals also incorporate this technique into their logos.

Another option is to purchase a jersey with embroidered details. This method is more expensive than screen printing, but it will last longer and look great. It is also a great option if the design is not too big or has multiple colors. It will also be more comfortable for the wearer.

Big Time Jerseys is one of the most trusted names in jersey embroidery. The company uses high-quality jersey material and expert craftsmanship to create custom sports jerseys. In addition to providing high-quality custom jerseys, the company offers a variety of other products and services. Its quality embroidery is unparalleled in the industry.


To determine if a football jersey is authentic or not, it is important to look at the jersey logos. There are several characteristics that differentiate a real jersey from a fake.

The logos are typically placed on the front and center of the jersey. For example, a fake football jersey may have lettering that is raised or carved in appearance. It may also have sloppy stitching and a lightweight fabric.

Ideally, your logo will appear the same on every jersey or shirt. It will also look the same if it is placed in the same spots on different players. You can use placement templates to help you with this. Another great tool is a hooping aid that will guide you in placing the logos on the jerseys.

One of the most recognizable jersey logos is the Chevrolet logo. Chevrolet signed a record-breaking jersey sponsorship deal with Manchester United in 2016 which will pay the club $560 million over seven years. This deal will see Chevrolet spend up to $80 million on the Manchester United jerseys. The team’s logos are a key part of its branding strategy.


First off, the price of a real jersey is more expensive than an imitation. It is important to note that a replica jersey will have a lower quality stitching and will lack lettering or embroidery details. If you buy from a reputable source, you can save a few dollars by buying a replica jersey.